Wetlands are valuable wildlife habitat

Wetlands and their surrounding uplands are habitat for approximately 600 species of plants, animals and insects in Canada. This includes mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and many invertebrates. These species use wetlands as habitat for food, water, breeding and nesting grounds, resting areas and shelter.

Spruce Meadows Education Program


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School Tour Sessions June 6-10, 2016 during the 'National' Tournament

Spruce Meadows, in partnership with Spectra Energy, The Calgary Herald and Agrium, presents the GROWING THE NEXT GENERATION School Tours Education Program:  Highly interactive sessions, geared towards the grade 4 & 5 curriculum, that focus on agriculture, wetland ecosystems, horse anatomy, health, welfare, and equine history.

Since the initiation of the ‘School Tours’ program in the spring of 1976, tens of thousands of Calgary and surrounding area students have participated.

Spruce Meadows provides a unique representative environment of the growth and change of Alberta, its people and the School Tours program itself. Initiated in 1976 by Mrs.Southern herself the program has evolved over time and continues to incorporate Alberta based curriculum within its existing five stations. Set in an interactive venue to engage and challenge the students, our program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and consciousness to make informed decisions.

This guided field trip will include five key stations:

Station #1: Seed Survivor: Soil, Nutrients, Water & Light

Agrium sponsors this interactive station with computer games and a hands on ‘real planting’ session. Watch the students become enthralled as they tour through stations about farming, crops, water management, plant nutrients and taking care of the land around us.

Station #2: Horse Care: Animal Welfare and Wellness
  Students break up into four smaller micro-stations to see and discuss a real mare and foal, feed and waste management, dressing and grooming and the structure and form of the horse. Another highly interactive and exciting station.
Station #3: Exploring Horse Anatomy - U of C Veterinary School

Students will have an opportunity to see a model of the inside of a horse’s belly, see skeletons and examples of procedures used to examine a horse to make sure it’s healthy. They will also be able to talk about how to look after a horse to keep it healthy and minimize the risk of diseases transferred to people.

Station #4: History of The Horse: War Horse to Sport Horse
  This station, with so much detail offers students a chance to learn what horses were used for in early times, throughout the ages and of course today. Discover the human relationship with the horse and the importance of the role it plays in Alberta.
Station #5: “Eyes on The Wetlands”: Aquatic Invertebrates
  This interactive station has students pond dipping for the catch, identification and release of aquatic invertebrates, while learning their roles within the Spruce Meadows wetland ecosystem.

Spruce Meadows has been approved by the Calgary Board of Education as an “A” Off-Site Activity.  

Applications for this program can be downloaded on line and are based on a first come-first-served basis, space is limited so please apply early.6

2016 Application - Deadline May2, 2016