Spruce Meadows Prize List & Documentation

The following are the documents required for the 2018 Spruce Meadows Tournament Season. If you would like to order feed/bedding or a golf cart in advance of your arrival, please go to the Athlete's Portal.


If you have any questions, please contact our Tournament Office at (403) 974-4200 or email.


Downloadable Documents

Full 2018 Prize List
(Summer Series & 'Masters')
PDF 7MB    
Segmented 2018 Prize List

Rules & Regulations

Map & Index




PDF  900KB






Entry Forms      

'Masters' Tournament

Deadline: July 18, 2018

EC Entry Form


FEI Entry Form *



* FEI Entries: See page 17 in the Prize List for FEI Entry System deadlines


Entry Process - Please Review

The FEI has requested that, under the FEI rules, Spruce Meadows come forward with a one-fee process for
athletes competing in the FEI-sanctioned events. Therefore, in consultation with the FEI, we have adjusted our
FEI entry process to meet the FEI guidelines and requirements. As per the FEI directive in 2017, each FEI horse will
be charged a flat fee. This fee includes the administration fees, one Level B (regular 10’x10’) stall, the FEI division nominations, and one start per day per horse.
Additional fees are allowed to be charged for extra stalls, Level A Stabling in E Barn (extra large 10’x12’ - subject to availability), late starts, additional starts per day, drug fees, Jump Canada, manure removal, feed/bedding as ordered, golf carts, RV Sites and any Veterinarian/Farrier or other miscellaneous charges.

Important items to be aware of:

- All FEI riders are responsible for having their definite entries submitted by their federation by the definite date*
listed for each tournament.

- The Equestrian Canada (national divisions) entry process remains the same as previous years. The full entry
payment is due by the closing date of April 18, 2018 (Summer Series) & July 18, 2018 ('Masters').

Each rider(s) / horse(s) entry forms are still required by the closing date of of April 18, 2018 (Summer Series) &
July 18, 2018 ('Masters')
. Please note ,submission of a stable form/entry form by the deadline dates does not guarantee acceptance to the 'Masters' Tournament. Spruce Meadows will not process any payments until your entry(s) have been accepted.

* The Definite Dates are listed on the Entry Form and in the Prize List. Please contact your Federation to ensure
you are entered properly by the deadline. As per FEI Article 116, all FEI entries must be made through the
FEI entry system. Spruce Meadows regrets that no exceptions can be made.



Entry forms can be mailed, faxed to (403) 974-4266 or scanned and uploaded via the Athlete's Portal.  Try not to
leave your faxed submission of your entry form(s) to the last minute - you may have difficulties sending it through as
this is typically a very busy day.



It is your responsibility to call the Spruce Meadows Tournament Office at (403) 974-4200 to confirm your entry(s)
have been received in full and are legible, for all faxed, mailed and website-uploaded entry forms.
Spruce Meadows will NOT call or email to confirm receipt. A fax confirmation on your end does not
mean that the fax was received by Spruce Meadows.


We caution your use of .PDF FILLABLE FORM software as often these entries come into Spruce Meadows blank.