CN/Sun Media Name the Foal


After sifting through thousands of Name the Foal entries, the jury has finally reached a decision!

Congratulations to the winners who put so much thought and care into their entries – we look forward to introducing you to the foals at the “Masters” Tournament!

Foal #1:  Lady Jubilee
Filly – Greta/LePrimeur,
born April 7 2012

Named by Bev Mulkern,
Calgary AB

Foal #2: La Dolce Vita
Filly – Skyline/LePrimeur,
born April 19 2012

Named by Lee Ann Dalling,
New Glasgow NS

Foal #3: Lucifer
Colt – Goldika/LePrimeur,
born May 23 2012

Named by Gay Lefroy,
Penticton BC

Hannoverian breeders have done an excellent job in developing a superior breed in the Hannoverian for over 250 years. That is why Spruce Meadows has chosen the Hannoverian Warmblood for their breeding program.

Spruce Meadows, along with CN and Sun Media, is pleased to present our Name the Foal Contest. It is a tradition that has become a fan favourite at Spruce Meadows, with literally thousands of great ideas coming in from thousands of great people. People of all ages join in on the fun in the hopes that that name they choose for their favourite colt or filly will carry the young horse to greatness!

Please join us on June 1, 2013 for the next Name the Foal Contest.