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2012 US Olympic Team Named at Spruce Meadows

2012 US Olympic Team Named at Spruce Meadows

The 2012 Spruce Meadows "Continental" Tournament wrapped up today, capping an exciting week of competition! 48 horse/rider combinations took to the field for the $60,000 Investor’s Group Cup. The group was narrowed down to 10 combinations over the 485 meter course, with 15 jumping efforts. Kent Farrington (USA) added another Spruce Meadows win to his list, with double clear rounds and a jump off time of 46.70. With 4 major wins in the past 2 weeks here at Spruce Meadows, Farrington is pleased with his results. “I’m off to a great start,” he commented. “My horses are going really well, I think I have some nice horses that are really ready to go”.

Brian Mennis, Regional Director Investors Group, presenting the winners cheque to Kent Farrington. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media Services.

Investor's Group - Top 10
1- Kent Farrington USA Voyeur
2- Cara Raether USA Saskia 269
3- Caitlin Ziegler USA Valencia
4- Katherine Dinan USA Nougat Du Vallet
5- Beezie Madden USA Amadora
6- Lauren Tisbo USA King Kolibri
7- Caitlin Ziegler USA Touch Down
8- Leslie Howard USA Utah
9- Eric Lamaze CAN Coriana Van Klapscheut
10- Ashlee Bond USA Cadett 7

Phil Welch, President and Managing Director, McDaniel & Associates and today's winner: Daniel Bluman aboard Vichy. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media Services.

McDaniel & Associates Parcours de Chasse - Top 10
1- Daniel Bluman COL Vichy
2- Leslie Howard USA Lennox Lewis 2
3- Rich Fellers USA McGuinness
4- Beezie Madden USA Vanilla
5- McLain Ward USA Esplanade 7
6- Mario Deslauriers USA Whistler
7- Darragh Kerins USA Hot Wheels
8- Carla Diewert CAN Vaquero
9- Jim Ifko CAN Peninsula Vertigo
10- Rich Fellers USA Colgan Cruise

It was an exciting day for Americans: the 2012 US Olympic team was named after two of the Olympic trials were held during the Spruce Meadows Summer Series. McLain Ward, Rich Fellers, Beezie Madden and Reed Kessler will be riding under the stars and stripes at the 2012 Olympics in London. This is a first for both Fellers and Kessler, while Madden and Ward have both been to the Olympics twice before.

US Olympic team, from left to right: Reed Kessler, Rich Fellers, Beezie Madden and McLain Ward. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media services.

The pros get a week off at Spruce Meadows while the amateurs saddle up for the 2012 "Skyliner", which begins on Wednesday June 20th.

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