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Spruce Meadows Horses Jump to China

                              Spruce Meadows Horses Jump to China


(SPRUCE MEADOWS, Calgary, AB): History was made today when six Spruce Meadows horses became the first ever Canadian horses to be sold and exported to China. The six Spruce Meadows bred Hanoverian horses were chosen by a delegation of Chinese horsemen after a meticulous inspection and trial earlier this year. The horses have since been going through rigorous pre export protocols and lifted off, destined for an importation facility near Shanghai where they arrived happy and healthy today. 

“The horse sports are enjoying remarkable growth in China and Spruce Meadows is proud to be providing a new generation of Chinese Show Jumpers with a new generation of quality horses, ” said Spruce Meadows president Linda Southern- Heathcott. “Spruce Meadows has been active for some time assisting the Chinese in developing their capabilities in the equestrian sports. Prior to the 2008 Olympic Games we assisted with the training and certification of many Chinese officials that worked during the Games. We are honoured that now we are able to provide some of the horse power that may carry Chinese athletes to future games and championships.”

The 6 young horses now in China were foaled between 2009 and 2011 and carry with them the quality and reputation of Spruce Meadows, which has seen its horses exported around the world since 1975.

Recently China identified sport as a top priority in the Government’s 10 Year Plan and Spruce Meadows has a unique international reputation in the sport as a leading venue, organizer, and producer of top quality horses and riders.  

In addition to the technical and governance assistance provided for the 2008 Olympiad, and today’s export of young horses, Spruce Meadows is currently working with Chinese authorities in developing a training and high performance model to allow Chinese riders to compete at an international level in the future.

Spruce Meadows Horse Lexington. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media

Spruce Meadows Horse Lahaina. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media

Spruce Meadows Horse Lyrical. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media

Spruce Meadows Horse Sagacious. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media

Spruce Meadows Horse Salsa. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media

Spruce Meadows Horse Logan. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media

Chen Yajun, Spruce Meadows President Linda Southern-Heathcott, and Li Zi sign off on the first ever export sale agreement of show jumpers from Canada to China. The 6 Spruce Meadows bred Hanoverians are destined to Hangzhou west of Shanghai. Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media




For further information please contact Linda Southern- Heathcott or Ian Allison at: or 1-403-974-4200 or 1-403-974-4200

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