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Spruce Meadows Horse Program - On The Road

#TeamSpruceMeadows Hits Thunderbird for the Summer Fort Classic CSI-W3* Tournament


The Spruce Meadows Horse Program has traveled across the Rocky Mountains to join our friends at this weeks' Thunderbird Show Park, Summer Fort Classic CSI-W3* Tournament, August 11 - 16 2015. 

Many of our Spruce Meadows horses have made the trip to beautiful Langley, British Coloumbia and are enjoying great progress and success with riders, Kelly Koss-Brix, Sergey Zayika, Tobias Clar and Chris Surbey.

Below is a summary of this past week in top ten results:


Day 1:

Arezzo  - A Clear Round finishing 5th in the 1.40m with Tobias Clar

Come As You Are  - Finishes on 4 jumping faults and  8th in the 1.40m with Sergey Zayika

Cadillac - Double Clear and a 7th place finish in the 1.15m with Sergey Zayika

Day 2:

Quechup De La Roque - A Clear Round finishing 8th in the 1.30m with Kelly Koss-Brix

Come As You Are - Finishes 8th with 4 jumping faults in the 1.40m with Sergey Zayika


Day 3:

Diablo - Double Clear and a 5th place finish in the 1.25 with Sergey Zayika

Darosso - Double Clear and a 7th place finish in the 1.25m with Kelly Koss-Brix

Count Grannus - Double Clear and a 4th place finish in the 1.30m with Tobias Clar



Day 4:

Evergreen -  Double Clear, finishing 2nd in the 1.10m with Tobias Clar

Quetchup De La Roque - Finishes 3rd with a Double Clear in the 1.35m with Kelly Koss-Brix

Chalacorada - Finishes with 4 jumping faults in the Jump Off resulting in a 6th place finish with Kelly Koss-Brix

Arezzo - Finishes in 4th place with a Double Clear Performance in the 1.40m Talent Sqaud Competition with Tobias Clar




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