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The Royal Canadian Circus SPECTAC!™ 2016

“For Immediate release”


Spruce Meadows is pleased to announce the Royal Canadian Circus will be under the big Top at Spruce Meadows from May 20 - 23, 2016.  The Royal Canadian Circus has advised Spruce Meadows that their two cherished and historic cast member elephants- Shelly and Marie- will not be part of the production in 2016. However, there is an action packed program planned for The Royal Canadian Circus SPECTAC!™ 2016

 “It’s an incredible showcase of elite circus acts from all around the world that has been designed for multi- generational families,” says Ringmaster Joseph Bauer. “Everyone loves the circus and this year families will be fascinated by the Big Top and the amazing new global cast of performers coming to Spruce Meadows for the first time.”  

Joseph is not only recognized as one of the finest Ringmaster on the continent, but this 9th generation daredevil will thrill audiences on the death defying Wheel of Destiny.                        

 The Royal Canadian Circus SPECTAC!™ 2016 is about giving children and adults alike a glimpse into another world; a world where “families are performing for families”, and everyone can enjoy a show together regardless of age. Because of the troupe’s uncompromising quest for excellence, you’ll be amazed by this year’s thrilling Royal Canadian Circus SPECTAC!™ 2016.

 For further information please visit  or contact The Royal Canadian Circus at (403) 815-7499