Media Releases

Spruce Meadows Horse Program in Edmonton

Team Spruce Meadows took to the highway and landed in Edmonton Alberta for two weeks of Tournaments at the Amberlea Meadows Equestrian Center. The team found great  success during the Caledonia Classic last week, including Ribbons in all Mini Prixs and a fantastic 2nd place finish for Spruce Meadows rider Breanne McAllister aboard Darosso! 



London 1.00m - Clear Round

Cadillac 1.20m - 4 Jumping Faults 

Cortofino 1.10m  - Clear Round

Cempinsky 1.10m - Clear Round

Cascalido 1.00m - Clear Round in the power/speed, 4th

Branson 1.00m -- 4 Faults 

Quintessential  1.00m - Clear Round

Evergreen 1.10m - Clear Round

Come as you Are  1.10m - 4 Jumping Faults 

Penelope 1.20m - 4 Jumping Faults 



London 1.00m - 1 Time Fault

Ecolino  1.15m - Clear Round, 5th

Darosso 1.35m open welcome -  4 Jumping Faults, 6th 

Cempinsky 1.10m - Clear Round

Cascalido 1.00m- Clear Round

Branson 1.00m - Clear Round

Evergreen 1.10m - Clear Round, 6th



Cora 1.10m Mini Prix - 2 Time Faults

Darosso 1.35m. Grand Prix -  4 Jumping Faults in the Jump Off, 2nd

Cascalido 1.00m Mini Prix - Double Clear Jump Off, 4th

Branson 1.00m Mini Prix - Clear Round , 7th

Evergreen 1.10m Mini Prix - Double Clear Jump Off, 2nd

Grunt 1.20m Mini Prix - Double Clear Jump Off, 4th

Penelope 1.20m Mini Prix - 4 Jumping Faults  in the Jump Off, 6th