Purchase Admission Tickets to 2017 International Christmas Market presented by TELUS - THIRD WEEKEND from Dec 01, 2017 to Dec 03, 2017

Each ticket purchased is valid for ONE ADMISSION to any ONE DAY of the weekend selected. No ticket is required for Seniors (65+) or children (12 and under).

If you are unable to print your ticket(s), please click on the "Click to print tickets now" button (once your order is placed) on your smartphone or mobile device and present to a gate attendant upon arrival for scanning of the QR code.

General Gate admission allows access to the event during the dates noted above. Please note some events only run on specific days during the time period. Please check the event details.

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What Are My Shipping/Ticket Delivery Options?

The following options are available:

Print your Ticket

Print your reserved tickets right away, or whenever you're ready from your own Spruce Meadows "My Account" area when available. Rush seating can be printed by visiting by clicking here with your order confirmation number.

Standard Mail

Mail orders are prioritized based on performance date. If your event occurs within 2 months, your Reserved Seating tickets will be processed right away, and should be received in the mail within 2-3 weeks of ordering. If your event is more than 2 months away, your tickets will be printed and sent within one month of your performance date. Reserved Seating tickets are delivered in a plain white envelope. Rush Seating tickets will be available for the purchaser to print immediately at your home or office.


Ticketing FAQs

Where Can I Buy Tickets?

Online - Buy reserved seating tickets securely, at your convenience, day or night, 365 days a year by logging into your account and clicking the buy tickets button. Rush Seating tickets do not require an online account to purchase.

Order by Phone - Call 403.974.4200. Spruce Meadows is open Monday-Friday from 9am - 5pm MST.

May I cancel or exchange my tickets?

All Spruce Meadows ticket sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Why do we request your address, postal/zip code, email and or phone number?

The information requested may be used for a variety of purposes related to the ticket purchase transaction. These purposes can vary by transaction, but include, for example, allowing us to: ship/deliver tickets and/or receipts; respond to customer service requests; review and enforce limits on the number of tickets purchased per event and to help prevent credit card fraud. Privacy Policy

What if I don't receive my tickets/email confirmation?

If you do not receive your tickets (or your email confirmation which includes a link to print your own tickets) by 3 business days prior to an event, call Spruce Meadows immediately. Be prepared with the confirmation number for your account, or the purchasing Credit Card. Replacement tickets can only be picked up by the Credit Card holder with the original credit card used in the purchase. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Tickets

If you do not receive your Reserved Seating tickets within 3 business days prior to an event, or you notice your tickets are missing or have been destroyed, call Spruce Meadows immediately. Tickets for reserved seating events that are lost during the delivery process from Spruce Meadows to you, or that are missing or have been destroyed, may or may not be replaceable at the discretion of Spruce Meadows. If your tickets are for Rush Seating/General Admission whether or not to issue to you replacement tickets will also be at the discretion of Spruce Meadows. However, in almost all cases replacement tickets will not be issued for Rush Seating/General Admission. Be prepared with the confirmation number for your account, or the purchasing Credit Card. Spruce Meadows will first verify whether the tickets are replaceable, and, if they are replaceable, will then instruct you as to where and when to pick up your replacement tickets. This is normally done at the Tournament Office prior to the show, and the tickets are marked as "Replacement" so that they are easily identified as the valid tickets, however Spruce Meadows may require you to follow a different procedure in order to obtain the replacement tickets. If replacement tickets are to be issued, then we may require that they only be picked up by the person whose name appears on the credit card used to purchase the tickets and that that person must present the credit card used to purchase the tickets, along with a confirmation number and valid photo identification. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Tickets should always be treated like cash. Keep them in a safe place. Be sure to store them where they can easily be found again.

Why does the Spruce Meadows ticketing program have a time limit when making purchases online?

When you are shopping for tickets, you are "holding" real inventory. No one else can purchase those tickets unless you release them. You will be given 5 minutes to purchase your tickets. If you exceed the posted time on the page, the tickets you are holding are released for others to purchase. Renewal orders are not subject to such a time limit - however renewal orders will be automatically cancelled by the renewal closing date stated on the website and/or renewal notice given.

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