2023 Foals from Name the Foal, presented by TELUS are Named!

September 08, 2023

Navin Arora (Executive Vice President of TELUS & President of Business Solutions) and his wife Pooja, welcome this year’s winners of the Spruce Meadows Name the Foal, presented by TELUS at the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ © Spruce Meadows Media/Bart Onyszko

The 2023 Foals for Name the Foal, presented by TELUS have names!

September 8, 2023 (Spruce Meadows) - It has become a tradition for many to submit names to the annual Spruce Meadows Name the Foal, presented by TELUS. Throughout the Spruce Meadows summer show jumping season, fans had the opportunity to meet the foals and try to choose the perfect name.

This year, over 60,000 names were submitted for the foals that were introduced to fans earlier in the year. The names submitted must have aligned with the traditional naming conventions. This means that the names for the foals must begin with the same first letter as their sires’ name.

Now, let’s meet our winner’s and introduce our foals!

Sarah Jones first meeting with the foal she named "Bold Ambition” © Spruce Meadows Media/Bart Onyszko

Foal #1 - “Bold Ambition”

Born: April 4, 2023

Gender: Colt

Sire: Big Star

Dam’s Sire: Ramiro

Sarah Jones all the way from Alliston, Ontario gave Foal #1 the name “Bold Ambition”. Bold Ambitions’ sire is Olympic Gold Medal stallion, Big Star, so be sure to keep an eye on him in the future.

Jocelyn Harrington and her daughter meet Foal #2 - J’Adore © Spruce Meadows Media/Bart Onyszko

Foal #2 - “J’adore”

Born: May 9, 2023

Gender: Filly

Sire: Jethro Tull

Dam’s Sire: Quidam’s Rubin

Introducing J’Adore, named by Jocelyn Harrington from Victoria, British Columbia. J’Adore sire is Jethro Tull and she’s turning into a very beautiful mare.

Sherrie Creber and her granddaughter meet Foal #3 who is now almost as big as his mom! © Spruce Meadows Media/Bart Onyzsko

Foal #3 - “Kokomo”

Born: April 30th, 2023

Gender: Colt

Sire: Knighstars Spellcaster

Dam’s Sire: Sunny J’s Firecracker

Kokomo, our mini foal was pleased to meet Sherri Creber and her granddaughter. Sherri joined us from Sangudo, Alberta. While Kokomo might be little, he’s got big attitude!

TELUS and Spruce Meadows

TELUS is proud of its long-standing partnership with Spruce Meadows. 2023 marks the 34th year of the partnership. Together, we are thrilled of our partnership commitment for many years to come.

The TELUS/Spruce Meadows relationship spans the entire calendar year consisting of a wide variety of programs including sport, technology, media, Name the Foal, volunteer programs and the immensely popular Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market, presented by TELUS.

TELUS has deep roots in Calgary, and believes that to do well in business it needs to do well in the community. One of the most important ways TELUS does this is through its philosophy to “Give Where We Live”. Since 2000, TELUS, our team members and retirees provided $230 million in cash, in-kind contributions, time and programs and volunteered 3.49 million hours to charities and community organizations located specifically in Alberta.

Globally, our TELUS family has contributed $1.5 billion in giving including 15 million volunteer hours since 2000.