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January 25, 2024

Show Jumping this Summer

Get ready for Calgary's best show jumping experience as Spruce Meadows gears up for our 2024 tournaments. This year's lineup is nothing short of extraordinary, featuring courses crafted by Olympic-level designers that promise to challenge riders, Equestrian Canada National tournaments, FEI competitions, amateur indoor and outdoor tournaments in the spring and fall, and more! We've also stepped up our game with upgraded rings, like the recently renovated All Canada Ring and North American Ring, ensuring top-notch footing for our athletes. Add improved warm-up areas and a few new surprises, and you've got a must-attend event that combines modern amenities with the timeless tradition that is Spruce Meadows!


January 24, 2024

'National' featuring First Responders and FireFit!

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of the FireFit Championships and witness the First Responder Salute at the prestigious 'National,' presented by Rolex. As courageous first responders showcase their unparalleled skills and unwavering dedication, FireFit takes centre stage, pushing participants to their limits in intense challenges that mirror real-life scenarios. In a poignant tribute, the First Responder Salute recognizes the selfless contributions of those who stand at the frontline, ensuring our safety and well-being. See real police, SWAT, firetrucks, helicopters, and more at the 'National'!


January 23, 2024

The Spruce Meadows Stage is back!

Join us for a weekend of unparalleled excitement at the 'National,' presented by Rolex, where top-tier sports meet an amazing concert experience on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to the generous support of Brookfield Residential, we're thrilled to bring you a sensational musical act that promises to captivate and elevate your auditory senses. Get ready to groove to the rhythm and be dazzled by an extraordinary performance that will leave your earbuds buzzing with delight. Start your summer at Spruce Meadows!


January 22, 2024

New! PetFest at Spruce Meadows

For the first time, we're launching PetFest at Spruce Meadows! Unleash the excitement at our one-of-a-kind dog extravaganza! From fun-loving pooches to agile performers, energetic herders, and irresistibly fuzzy companions, our event celebrates the rich diversity of dogs. Join us for a showcase of active, playful, and adoptable dogs that will warm your heart and leave a lasting paw print on your soul.


January 21, 2024

'North American' Military Tattoo

Step into the heart of tradition and honour at the 'North American' as the resounding beats and powerful performances of a military tattoo come to life. Returning for 2024, this spectacular event pays homage to the rich heritage of the armed forces, showcasing the precision, discipline, and unwavering commitment of military units.

Immerse yourself in a visual and auditory feast as bagpipes, drums, and brass instruments echo through the air, creating a symphony of military prowess. The tattoo unfolds as a breathtaking display of choreographed routines, intricate formations, and ceremonial rituals, narrating the story of the bravery and sacrifice that define military service.

Upcoming Tournaments
Welcome to our inaugural tournament of the Summer Series! We're thrilled to announce that this event will showcase a variety of exciting competitions sanctioned by both Equestrian Canada and the FEI, offering a range of heights from 1.00m to 1.55m. Tickets are now on sale, and we extend a warm invitation to seniors to join us on Thursday with our compliments. 

While we focus on delivering an exceptional equestrian experience, please note that this tournament does not feature additional entertainment or children's activities. Complimentary parking is available in Lots 7 and 8 off Tournament Lane.

Click on LEARN MORE below for detailed information and schedules.

Welcome to the 'National', proudly presented by Rolex! This event brings together top athletes from across North America and features a diverse range of competitions sanctioned by both Equestrian Canada and the FEI, with heights ranging from 1.00m to 1.60m.

This weekend, we're excited to salute our invaluable First Responders. We warmly welcome the K9 Unit, Firefighters, Police, SWAT, Stars Air Ambulance, HAWCS, and more! We invite you to join us and explore the displays and thank these heroes for their unwavering dedication to keeping us safe. Additionally, we're thrilled to announce that we'll be hosting FireFit, adding even more excitement and appreciation to the festivities.

In addition to the thrilling competitions and celebrations, we're delighted to offer a variety of shopping and entertainment options throughout Friday to Sunday. Our concert series will be back again on Saturday and Sunday of the 'National', courtesy of Brookfield Residential–and it's all included with the price of admission! A great deal for the entire family.

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Welcome to the vibrant 'Pan American', proudly presented by Rolex! This event brings together top athletes from across North America and offers an array of competitions sanctioned by both Equestrian Canada and the FEI, with heights ranging from 1.00m to 1.55m.

We're excited to announce that this year, we'll be celebrating Canada Day on Sunday, June 30th! Join us for a day filled with family-friendly activities, an afternoon BBQ, and of course, exhilarating sport. It's sure to be a memorable occasion for everyone!

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Welcome to the 'North American' tournament, where top athletes from across the continent gather to showcase their skills! Sanctioned by both Equestrian Canada and the FEI, this tournament offers a large range of competitions, with heights spanning from 1.00m to 1.60m.

We're honoured to announce that at this tournament we'll be paying tribute to the members of the Canadian Armed Forces. As part of the festivities, we'll also feature a captivating Military Tattoo—a vibrant celebration of music and dance. And don't forget to don your fanciest hat for our Garden Party over the weekend, where you can indulge in delightful berries and bubbles!

In addition to these special events, there will be exciting demonstrations of both canine and horse prowess. Plus, we've prepared a host of shopping opportunities and kid-friendly activities for you and your family to enjoy throughout the weekend—all included in the price of admission. 

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Welcome to the 'Masters' at Spruce Meadows, where excellence meets champion sport. As one of the most anticipated gatherings in the equestrian calendar, the 'Masters' promises an unforgettable experience for riders, spectators, and enthusiasts alike. This year, we're delighted to welcome back athletes who have recently competed at the Paris Summer Olympic Games.

Moreover, we're thrilled to announce the return of the Blacksmith World Championships, where master craftsmen from around the globe will showcase their skills and compete for the title. This prestigious event brings together the finest artisans in the industry, offering spectators a rare glimpse into the artistry and craftsmanship behind the scenes.

In addition to thrilling competitions and the Blacksmith World Championships, the 'Masters' offers plenty of shopping opportunities at MARKT, featuring an array of top-tier vendors with everything from the finest equestrian tack to fine art. Furthermore, stay tuned for announcements of various world-class demonstrations, promising to showcase the pinnacle of horsemanship and skill.

Whether you're a seasoned fan or new to the world of show jumping, there is something for everyone at the 'Masters'! 

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The Oktoberfest Tournament welcomes horses and riders to the Spruce Meadows Equi-Plex. 
  • March 2020

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Rolex Grand Slam
of Show Jumping

The Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping
was the beginning of a new era in the field
of equestrian sport.