The Spruce Meadows Story

Spruce Meadows is wholly owned and operated by the Southern Family. The dream of the Southern Family from the start was to create a unique environment of “good friendship, good commerce and good sport”. This dream has been shared from its genesis by a committed group of corporations, volunteers, media, athletes, staff, fans and officials. Together these stakeholders have shaped the dream and built a most memorable place.

Spruce Meadows Mission Statement
Spruce Meadows is committed to being the leading venue in the world for the international horse sports with a focus on the organization and hosting of show jumping tournaments of unmatched quality for junior, amateur and professional athletes in a manner that reflects basic family values in a clean, green and welcoming environment that celebrates the horse and encourages the breeding and training of quality sport horses and the teaching and development of athletes.

“They were in abundance in the mid-seventies – lining up to dance on the grave of this daring new sport venture. Today, however, they’re part of the universal chorus that sends its crescendo of praise crashing into every corner of the global show jumping community. No one has ever been able to explain conclusively just why this sport has captivated the heart and imagination of a city whose sophisticated population is approaching one million. No one counted on the magic of Spruce Meadows.”

Excerpt from “The Spruce Meadows Story” written by Ken Hull